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Fishing Kids - Top Tip Request !

What is your number one Fishing tip?
Recently, @SlowFamily sent @LuresAndTours the following message on Twitter:
 image @SlowFamily@slowfamily Suz Lipman @luresandtours @ChildrenNature A whole post on #fishing is coming up.What's your #1 piece of advice?

Fishing Tips vary, depending on the age of the children.In the following article republished here from Lures and Tours 2008 Sportfishing Recreational Guide, Mark Kulik; dad, accomplished tournament angler and founder of Xzone Lures gives several great tips to help you enjoy fishing with your family. Enjoy!

Fishing – A Fun Family Tradition

by Mark Kulik
I spend a lot of time on the water as an accomplished tournament angler and as the founder of Xzone Lures; and while I enjoy the adrenaline rush of blast-off or hooking a big fish on camera, I really just love to go fishing! And I really enjoy sharing my love of the outdoors with my two boys, Trevor and Bradley.
Nowadays kids have a lot of distractions; television, video games etc… I really believe the great pastime of fishing can bring families closer together! Fishing is the perfect family activity because just about anyone can do it, young, old, experienced or beginner!

A day on the water with your children offers a chance to spend quality time together in an outdoor setting that is full of nature and fun! In this article I will detail some of the things that can add to the enjoyment. Fact is kids are different than adults, they don't have a lot of patience, therefore it is best to select a body of water that has a lot of life; the Kawartha Lakes as well as Simcoe and Lake Couchiching are ideally suited since they hold an abundance of fish species and habitat.

Panfish are the perfect target as they are plentiful in these waters. They can be found around weed beds docks or rocky areas. While live bait is effective it can be messy, and often results in deeply hooked fish. I prefer to use artificial – a favourite of mine is a small one inch panfish tube under a small bobber. Bobbers are ideal for kids because they not only keep the hook out of the weeds but also offer a great visual. They can see fish nibbling and the bobber getting pulled down!

 If you do go with live bait, a good idea is to go to your local tackle store and pick up some circle-hooks. These are designed for live release and tend to hook fish lightly in the lip. An added bonus is the hook point is circled and not as exposed, which prevents the hooks hurting little fingers.

As far as rod and reel is concerned, I don't like the "toy" rod and reel sets on the water. Although they are a lot of fun around the home, they are bulky and heavy. I prefer a nice ultra-light combo in spinning or spin-cast.A trigger-spin is ideal, nice and simple; this type of rod and reel is light and doesn't tire out their little bodies.

If your kids are a little older, and want to pursue larger fish, there are easy to learn techniques that will put larger fish in the boat like bass and walleye. The soft plastic stick-worm is highly effective and really easy to use. They come in 4-inch and 5-inch sizes. The best way to rig them is 'wacky' style which is basically hooked in the middle with a size 2/0 circle hook, simply cast it and let it sink, retrieve with slow subtle twitches. When a fish bites, simply start reeling in. The fish will hook itself due to this unique hook style!

Another technique which is one of my personal favourites is drop-shot fishing. While this is known as an advanced tournament technique, it really is a simple yet effective presentation. It consists of a single hook tied to the line with a Palomar knot with a weight on the bottom. I like to keep the hook 18-24 inches above the weight, an Octopus or circle style hook in 2/0 size is ideal. As bait goes I like to nose hook a Xzone Lures Slammer. This is a soft plastic lure with unique fish attracting action. The beauty of this rig is that you don't need to work it very much; usually just dragging it behind the boat is enough to catch bass or walleye as well as panfish!

A fishing trip with mom and dad will remain with your children for life! So remember take a kid fishing this year – you'll both be glad you did! See you on the water!


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