Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Canada US Walleye Tournament Offers Exciting Volunteer Opportunity!

2013 -  33 rd Annual Canada / U.S. Walleye Tournament Volunteer Invitation

You are invited! The Canada / U.S. Walleye Invitation to Volunteer at this Not for Profit Community Event.

The Canada / U.S. Walleye Volunteers Team proudly invites dedicated people interested in celebrating the phenomenal fishing and amenities Bobcaygeon, Ontario offers. Whether you are interested in fishing tournaments, are a recreational angler, like supporting the community, or maybe even just looking for something to do; The Canada / U.S. Walleye Tournament has something for everyone to contribute. Duties might range from parking, boat launch, helping boaters at the dock, taking fish to the live release boat and other work ‘n fun stuff. If this is you . . . of any age or gender . . . and you are interested in volunteering, Please join us for refreshments at the

33rd Canada / U.S. Walleye Volunteer Meet and Greet

 February 20th, 2013 at 6:00 pm 
Bobcaygeon Service Centre building
 123 East Street South, Bobcaygeon 
South west corner of King St. and East St., across from the Legion
 Be part of the success of this not-for-profit event!

See more details and pictures from last year on the  Canada / U.S Walleye Tournament Lures & Tours Page.

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