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Google Doodle Game Shows Frank Zamboni Ice Fishing!

Google Doodle Celebrates Frank Zamboni! Happy 112th Enjoy Ice Fishing!

Happy Birthday Frank Zamboni! The Google Doodle interactive game celebrating Frank Zamboni's 112th birthday surprisingly features Frank Zamboni Ice Fishing!

image Google Doodle screenshot showing Frank  Zamboni Ice Fishing
Google Doodle Rewards Frank Zamboni with Ice Fishing 
Today, Google celebrates what would be Frank Zamboni's 112th birthday with fun interactive Google Doodle that puts you behind the wheel of a 'Zamboni.' The game can be played using the arrow keys on the keyboard or by clicking the mouse to move the ice resurfacer around. Various items appear on the ice to help or hinder the player. A banana will send the Zamboni spinning and fuel cans must be collected to keep the vehicle moving. When your time or fuel run out, a screen appears showing your score and Frank enjoying time in various ways, including some well-deserved time off ice fishing!

Frank Zamboni Ice Fishing?

Did Frank Zamboni ever get to go ice fishing with his grandchildren? We hope so.
Ice Fishing is a great inter-generational pastime and many competitions welcome young anglers with an adult partner. Some Ontario Ice Fishing events coming up include:

About Frank Zamboni

Frank Zamboni was born January 16, 190 in  Eureka, Utah. Zamboni attended trade school in Chicago then joined his brothers in California where they had a garage then went into the block ice business.As the block ice industry declined, the Zamboni brothers used their ice making knowledge in 1940. to create the largest indoor ice rink in the USA called Iceland. The ice rink was extremely successful, but keeping the ice smooth was labor-intensive job, requiring a crew of five people to work for an hour and a half. By 1949, Zamboni created a prototype of his ice-resurfacing machine that could complete the work in fifteen minutes. Mass production of the machines began in 1954, and they received international exposure when used at the 1960 Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, California.The 10, 000th machine sold to the Montreal Canadiens. The Zamboni company invented many large labour saving machines, including one that clears water from AstroTurf . Source:.

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