Sunday, 30 December 2012

Send Facebook Midnite Messages Now!

Sending Facebook New Year's Greetings? Optimize Your Time! 

Want to send friends Facebook Midnight  New Years Greetings? Facebook recently unveiled a new App which will allow you to send messages on New Year's Eve to each of your friends walls at the stroke of midnight, even if you aren't a night owl.

Using Facebook Midnight Message Delivery Tips

image Facebook midnite message screen shot
Wish friends a Happy New Year with a private message that will be delivered to their Facebook inbox at midnight December 31. Unlike standard Facebook messaging that includes all recipients in a group message, this new APP promises:
Your message will be sent to each friend individually in their timezone. 
Here are some tips you may find useful:

Choosing New Year's Message Recipients

 Upon signing into Facebook with the new Facebook stories Midnite Message App, you will see a 'To:' field, with a list of randomly suggested recipients below that. There are two ways of choosing recipients:
  1. You can choose to send greetings to people in the suggestion list by clicking on them, or
  2. Simply start typing the name of a friend, and click on the name when it appears.
Tip:One way to be sure you catch all your friends with New Year's Greetings is to start at the beginning of the alphabet, and click name suggestions from the resulting list that pops up.

Customizing Your Facebook Midnite Message

After you have selected the friends who will be receiving your greeting. there are two ways you can customize your New Year's Eve message.
  1. You can alter the standard greeting: 'Have a Happy New Year and a great 2013!'
  2. In addition, you can include one photo from your Facebook Albums. If you are creating a special New Year's card, you will want to upload it to your Facebook page first. To add a photo from your album, click 'Add Photos', then click an album, and click the photo you wish to include - a green square with a tick will appear in the lower-left corner.
Tip:When customizing your Facebook message, bear in mind that NOTHING is private once posted online, not even private messages.

Sending Your New Year's Facebook Message

When you finished preparing your New Year's Message, simply click 'Send' and your greeting will be scheduled for midnight December 31st. Ready to get started? Here is the link:

Wishing you all the best for a prosperous New Year,

Team Lures & Tours.

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