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Ontario Chinese Anglers Association Gala Anniversary Celebration!

December 2012 Ontario Chinese Anglers Association celebrates 13 years of encouraging the enjoyment of smart angling in Ontario. OCAA a member club of Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunter, was formed in September 15, 1999, by an enthusiastic group of anglers was registered April 2002, as a non-profit organization. All OCAA members are volunteers, and any funds raised are used to contact and assist local Chinese new immigrants in integrating into mainstream society habits through the promotion of fishing activities in Ontario. The OCAA also encourages the exchange of ideas with between members to improve fishing fun; supports charities, and nurtures young people's fishing knowledge and encourage them in contributing to the community.
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Ontario Chinese Anglers Association
Since its establishment, the OCAA Membership has grown to over 300 people. Early on in its inception, Dr. James Liang Shou-Hong, one of the founding members, emphasized the importance of sharing the legacy of fishing knowledge stating: 'Do not miss any opportunity to help others, big or small.' this phrase has become their motto, 'We care; We share; We conserve for tomorrow'.

Ontario Chinese Anglers Association Promotes Catch and Release Angling 

Since 2002, led by the incumbent Chairman Raymond Zee and council members, OCAA members have specialized in adhering to the 'Let's participate! Share the Future!" belief emphasizing the importance of the Chinese community in promoting 'Catch & Release' to educate people to be responsible anglers. OCAA Friends for the Protection of the Environment encourage their angling friends in setting a good example. OCAA also works closely with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Canadian Power and Sail Squadron and have assisted in the translation of the fishing regulations guide and Boating Basic manual into Chinese. The OCAA offers Safe Boating classes and Pleasure Craft Operator Card test in Chinese for members and the public. OCCA’s initiative is to assist members to understand and follow the fishing regulations and emphasize the importance of safe boating practice.

Ontario Chinese Anglers Association Activities 

OCAA activities have grown from purely fishing to further developing community support. Each year, the Ontario Chinese Anglers Association actively arranges a Family Fishing Day, and more young people join their fishing ranks. The OCAA also raises donations for Yee Hong Foundation, Mon Sheong Foundation,  and Heart and Stroke Foundation. OCAA organizes fishing events and fishing competitions encouraging novices to join their activities, while also providing opportunities for members to improve their fishing skills by inviting a number of professional anglers to share their fishing experience and knowledge. The OCAA site has a forum with interesting angling tips posted. OCAA encourages more Chinese anglers to participate in fishing tournaments in North America.

Ontario Chinese Anglers Association Gala Anniversary Celebration - Ticket Reservations

Lures And Tours is looking forward to attending this year's Gala once again, and encourage you to attend too! Come celebrate this important event in the history of Ontario angling! Reserve your tickets for the Ontario Chinese Anglers Association 2012 Gala Celebration Dinner Saturday, December 1, 2012 Casa Victoria Fine Dining Markham  by calling Rosa Sharpe at Lures and Tours 705 - 738-5757 . Reception 6pm Dinner 7pm Tickets $60 each

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