Friday, 21 September 2012

Did You Win Barrie Fall Fishing Festival Registration?

Who won Barrie Fall Fishing Festival FREE Registrations?

Barrie Fall Fishing Festival brings excitement for anglers and non-anglers alike.Whether you live in Ontario,and will be visiting Barrie to fish in Barrie Fall Fishing Festival ,or  you live on the 'other side of the pond' in Europe, After Barrie Fall Fishing Festival your registration could bring you a tonne of cash !

Families are flocking to Barrie this morning for the start of the Barrie Fall Fishing Festival at 7am whether they fish or not. Shirley Arthur, shares in her blog why she is taking part in the Barrie Fall Fishing Festival.

Shirley writes:
I am going to enter the 2nd Annual Barrie Fall Fishing Festival because it sounds like fun! I just hope it doesn’t turn out like my experience with golf!
I understand that you don’t even have to fish to win!!! Even better!
The lady who won the big prize last year never got near a fishing pole, she just bought her ticket and entered the contest.

The Rotary Club of Barrie Huronia is sponsoring this event and some of the money raised is going to help benefit environmental projects relating to the health of Lake Simcoe. Since the lake is the essence of Barrie I figure it is definitely in our interest to help out.
I am not a fisherman and I don’t seem to be able to find anyone willing to sit with me and put minnows on my hook, so I am off to a store to get myself a sparkly lure.  I’m sure the sparkles will help to attract at least female fish. I will let you know.
Shirley shares some great inside information about the Barrie Fall Fishing Festival in her blog. Check out Shirley's Blog

There are usually  line ups at registration. Barrie Fall Fishing Festival organizers are reminding  people they can save time by signing up online. See the Barrie Fall Fishing Festival page on Lures&Tours for more great information to help put you in  the winner's seat!

So who won the FREE BARRIE FALL FISHING FESTIVAL REGISTRATIONS?  We are waiting to receive the confirmation emails from the winners.If there is no reply within 12 hours, we will reopen the Giveaway at 1pm,for chances at extra entries, so stay tuned, you may be a winner yet!   UPDATE : BARRIE FALL FISHING FESTIVAL REGISTRATION GIVEAWAY HAS ONE CONFIRMED WINNER! GIVEAWAY MAY REOPEN AT 12:02 AM SUNDAY!


shayla dean said...

i won

Team Lures and Tours said...

Congratulations! Good luck in the prize draws!

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