Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Lake Simcoe Angler Anthony Burgess Shares Angling Tips!

Angler Tips : Anthony Burgess 

Anthony Burgess, top tournament angler, shares how he became hooked on fishing, and offers some tips for new anglers thinking of entering a tournament for the first time. We hope you will enjoy LuresAndTours new feature: Angler Profiles.

Lake Simcoe : Angling Memories 

Anthony Burgess
Fishing competitively wasn't always a passion of mine as it is today. From a very young age I tagged along with my grandfather on his frequent fishing trips near our family Cottage on Lake Simcoe. Those days spent on the water with him were what shaped and grew my love for this sport. 4.8 lb Large Mouth

Lake Simcoe: BPS Open 2012 Big Bass 

image Lake Simcoe Fishing BPS Open Jason Godin with Anthony Burgess Holding Winning Bass
Lake Simcoe Fishing:
2012 BPS Lake Simcoe Open
Jason Godin- left,  Anthony Burgess - right
 My involvement and subsequent addiction to Competitive Angling began about 7 years ago. My current, and long time partner, Jason Godin, and I signed up for the western division of the CSFL and we have been competing ever since. In our 7 year career, we have had numerous top ten finishes; qualified for the CSFL Classic; won Big Bass honours on several occasions - most notably our Big Largemouth at the 2012 BPS Lake Simcoe Open, and have consistently fished well at the BPS Lake Simcoe Open over the last 5 years.

New Angler Tips 

Thinking of entering a tournament? Here are a couple of tips that may help you land Big Bass too:
Always check your line between casts, if it feels suspect, re tie. Don't be lazy, it WILL cost you at some point. Also, find a strong knot that you are able to tie easily and always make sure to test that knot before making a cast.
Keep your line wet!

When Anthony Burgess is not angling, he can be found listing and selling homes in Barrie's Hot housing market. You can find out more about Anthony's angling adventures by following him on twitter @barrierealtor1

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