Monday, 8 October 2012

Who Fishes? 5 Interesting Facts About Ontario Anglers!

Ontario Canada Top Fishing Destination!

Government of Canada 2010 Survey of Recreational Fishing in Canada ,the latest Canadian government survey offers insights into many interesting facts about recreational fishing in Canada. This survey,conducted every 5 years,shows recreational fishing is growing in Ontario. Here are a few facts from the survey released this year:
  1. Ontario has more Active Resident Anglers than any other province or territory the 2010 survey counted 924,549
  2. Ontario continued to be the destination of choice for the majority of foreign anglers, accounting for 76% of all foreign anglers in 2010.
  3. Ontario Anglers Catch, Photograph and Release!  More than half of all reported 2010 fish harvests were caught in Ontario (96 million). However,the overall proportion of fish retained by anglers in Ontario was only 21%
  4. Top fish caught by Ontario anglers are Walleye,perch,and small mouth bass.Walleye caught in Ontario accounted for over 54% of the walleye harvest by all anglers in Canada in 2010.
  5. Average age of people fishing in Ontario? – Male  50  Female- 45.
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Source: Fisheries and Oceans Canada: 2010 Survey of Recreational Fishing in Canada

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