Friday, 28 September 2012

How Does Your Angler-Friendly Business Use QR Codes? Your Answers Wanted!


QR Codes by Denso Wave do many things for people on the move with smartphones and a free code scanner app installed :
  • Present a browser link and offer to take you there or share it. 
  • Hold contact information to import to your organizer. 
  • Deliver more descriptive text about a business or product. 
  • Shoot you a message with links or reminders. 
In other words, you don’t have to type it in or to write down . . .

How Does Your Ontario Angler-Friendly Business Use QR Codes?

Ontario businesses are invited to submit their answers to this question by submitting a comment below, or by emailing Suzanne at Up to 10 lucky businesses will be randomly selected to have their answers and business link included in an article in our inaugral eNewsletter, so get your answers in now! 

Lures & Tours Directories and Maps lead with published GPS coordinates years ago, in response to anglers on the road. who appreciated having the most accurate positioning information we could find. in a format they understood and trusted.

Lures & Tours Ontario Sport Fishing Tourism Directory and Regional map listings also offer readers QR codes in our publications, another way to be the comprehensive link between anglers and the people who serve them.

Adapted from: Lures & Tours - 'What is This Thing?' Published 2011 pdf

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